The Key to Better Performance

Getting the team motivated


Teamwork and motivation

You never save anything by not motivating your employees regularly. Like your body, your team needs the regular check ups, and that’s the truth. Unfortunately you may fail to see the importance of motivational and employee incentives and you may think your team have a good working relationship. Although rewarding the team may increase their performance drastically. This will then allow you to grow and progress at the same rate as your competitors. Motivation is a main aspect in a business and sometimes can measure the businesses success.

Employee Rewards

Motivational Programmes and Incentives aim to increases performance and productivity and this is proven in through research. Recognition and rewards for employees will create a better working environment for all staff. Not only that it will help raise overall engagement and leads to improved job performance. By adding incentives for employees it will create more of a willingness to carry out tasks, furthermore it will bond the team as a whole to all be working towards the same tasks and aims. Whalsay History Group implement a employee incentive scheme which is set over a specific time frame and monitored by the hierarchy.  Clear targets are set out for the team to achieve allowing the tracking of personal and overall progress.

The benefits of rewards and incentive schemes

Their are various benefits to having a reward scheme, the main one being motivated employee’s. If your team are motivated you usually find they have a level of job satisfaction, which can have a knock on effect on their willingness to complete the work set. Another main benefit is usually overall performance. If staff are happy at work and motivated by your incentive scheme their performance will increase which correlates with a better business performance as a whole. Lastly another benefit is teamwork, the employee incentive scheme  will bring your team closer together making them strive for not only individual goals but for the team and ultimately the business.